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Acetaminophen, You See The Medicine

I finally made it out to the doctor yesterday to get my sickness taken care of. Unsurprisingly, my ailment is still a mystery. They took some blood (a lot of blood, actually) and they’re running some tests. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon as to why my digestive system seems to hate me. Until then, I decided to cut the chatter short and bring you a Top 5 list, which I haven’t done in yons. Today’s musical medication: Top 5 Medicinal Songs. Listen twice daily for best results.

5.) Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge Bon Jovi fan. Most of their songs are too “stadium rock” for my tastes. However, this song is pretty rad to blast in the car on a warm summer day with the windows down.

4.) Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!

The Thompson Twins have so much more to offer than just a good song to make out to while sitting on a table above sixteen flaming candles. This is classic new wave awesomeness.

3.) Hooverphonic – Shake The Disease

I was torn between posting this version of Depeche Mode’s frustrated love song or the original. However, I was smitten the first time that I heard Hooverphonic’s excellent cover, so as much as I enjoy any and all things Depeche Mode, I had to give props where props are due. Plus trip-hop is so damn sexy!

2.) The White Stripes – Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine

Arguably the best song on a really stellar album, this track reminds me why I was completely obsessed with The White Stripes for a good chunk of my twenties. And the lyrics are killer.

1.) Garbage – Medication

Garbage are undeniably fierce (I dare you to deny their ferocity!) so as soon as I decided to make this list I knew that this song would be my number one. It really is the perfect musical embodiment of how it feels to be sluggish and in a drug-induced haze, still sick and perhaps even worse off than before you took the pills that the doctor prescribed. One listen is all it takes to hear that Shirley Manson really gets it.

And that’s my Top 5 Medicinal Songs. Being sick really sucks. But great music makes everything just a bit better.



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Today Is A Birthday, They’re Smoking Cigars

Hello little earbuds! Today is the fabulous Miss Pink’s birthday. Which means that you get a short and sweet treat as part of the celebration: Miss Pink’s Top 3 Favourite Birthday Songs!

3.) The Birthday Massacre – Happy Birthday

Pretty much everything by Toronto’s Birthday Massacre is excellent dance music. However, this one has always been one of my favourites. Besides being my first taste of this phenomenal band, this song is creepy and spooky and so, so excellent. The odds are good that even if your local goth DJ refuses to play “Birthday” by The Crüxshadows for you, she or he could hardly refuse spinning this dark ditty for any gothling’s birthday. (And yes, this happened to Miss Pink several birthdays ago!) “Happy Birthday” comes in at #3 on my countdown due to its less-than-celebratory message, but no birthday mix would be complete without its explosive synthrock disturbing partygoers far and wide.

2.) Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake

Let me start off by saying that every song on this album, Viva! La Woman, is about food. Every song! That’s awesome in and of itself. However, this punchy ode to festive cake was the one that caused me to go out and buy the album (many thanks to the Brain Candy soundtrack, and the Kids in the Hall, for introducing me to one of my favourite bands of the 90s). I love its punk-rock vibe enrobed in a luscious trip-hop melody. “Shut up and eat! Too bad no bon appetit! Shut up and eat! You know my love is sweet!” It’s so catchy, how can you not dance along or sing along or do both?

1.) The Sugarcubes – Birthday

I loved this song from the very first moment that I heard it on a mixed tape back in high school. When I went to college in a big city in another part of the country, far from where I grew up, I spent my eighteenth birthday alone. I had never had a birthday away from my family and friends, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. So I put on my black velvet cape (oh yeah, I totally rocked a cape in my late teens!) and walked around the downtown streets. I went to FAO Schwarz, because that somehow seemed fitting, turning eighteen in a giant toy store. Then I went to Tower Records and bought this album, Life’s Too Good. I went back to my room and listened to this song on repeat while I sat on the heater beside the window of my ninth floor dorm room and looked out over the city. Ever since that day, no matter where I am or who I’m celebrating with, I always make it a point to listen to this song at the exact time that I was born. (It was tricky when I was living in England, but I did the math and made it work.)

This song always uplifts me and makes me happy thanks to its light and airy rhythm and the sweet, almost incoherent lyrics. I loved it when I was a teenager, and I love it still today. This song can transform any day into a celebration of the little things in life, but I find it especially powerful on my actual birthday. It always reminds me of who I was, where I’ve been, and how much I’ve grown. And it’s a wonderful soundtrack to twirling, cloud watching, picking flowers, or just generally indulging in anything that brings a bit of magic into your life.

And that’s it for Miss Pink’s celebratory blog post today! I’m off to open some presents and eat some cake. Cheers, little earbuds!

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