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Break My Heart Again: Songs For Love Gone Wrong

Hallo once more, little earbuds. Miss Pink has actually been doing pretty well lately. I’m feeling healthy, and slowly but surely I’m getting through my huge backlog of projects and general stuff-to-do, such as catching up on emails with friends. In doing so, I discovered that one of my pals is going through some heartbreak right now. Of course I was sympathetic (because who hasn’t experienced that in some form or other?) but words just don’t feel like enough when it comes to matters of the heart. So In honor of my friend, today I’m bringing you another playlist: Top 5 Songs For Love Gone Wrong. Warning: Here there be F-bombs, so if adult language offends you, better skip this week’s post.

5.) Peaches – F**k The Pain Away

Who can resist Peaches and her electroclash-punk aesthetic? She tells it like it is, and even when her words are tongue-in-cheek, they leave a sting. What’s even better is this fan video of Miss Piggy singing “F**k The Pain Away,” because both Piggy and Peaches are total badasses.

4.) She Wants Revenge – True Romance

The name of this band alone should clue you in to the fact that a song titled “True Romance” might not be what it seems. “I know that you never loved me, I know that you never cared at all…” There are so many vengeful gems from She Wants Revenge, but this one takes the cake for love that’s gone sour.

3.) Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends

Back before Veronica Mars was on the air I found myself in the most upsetting roommate situation of my life to date with someone whom I once considered a close friend. Since I tend to invest as much of my heart into my friendships as I do into romance, it was a very scarring moment in my personal history. Luckily, during this period I caught the Dandy Warhols performing this song on SNL, and instantly I had a theme for my pain. Just listening to this tune on repeat automatically made everything a bit better.

2.) Future Bible Heroes – I’m Lonely (And I Love It)

Even though this song is over a decade old, I miraculously discovered it on the same night that I was replying to the very friend who inspired this playlist. As much as I adore Stephin Merritt, I must admit that I haven’t explored his side projects as thoroughly as I have Magnetic Fields. Since previously I only had two Future Bible Heroes songs in my musical library, I’m delighted to have an entirely new catalogue to explore (small as it is, being a side project and all). As soon as I heard the plethora of electronic beats urging me to dance I was in love, but the beyond awesome lyrics take this song over the top. If there’s a more joyful song about heartbreak out there, I haven’t heard it. And I’ve heard a lot.

1.) Nine Inch Nails – You Know What You Are

As much as I’d love to end on a positive note like song #2, when it comes to pains of the heart, the guy I always turn to first is Trent Reznor. This entire list could have been populated with Nine Inch Nails, so extensive is his repertoire of anger and disappointment. What I really love about this particular song is how it takes pain and sadness and channels it all into pure unadulterated rage. In my personal experience, there is no song that can trump this one when it comes to the primal desire to scream “F*** YOU!!!” at whoever has lied to you, cheated on you, or let you down in your life.

There are obviously many, many more songs out there of every genre that cover this topic extremely well. J. Geils Band’s “Love Stinks” is always a classic choice, as is any version of Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” (My personal preference is the upbeat 90s cover by Saint Etienne, because nothing gives melancholy the middle finger quite like being peppy.) Then there’s the newer indie classic, Gotye’s ode to faded romance, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The Kills provide great, crunchy tunes that always make me wanna take a road trip and stay in run-down motels, and their ditty “F**k The People” is excellent not just for heartache but any ol’ time you feel like you’re surrounded by stupidity. Along those same lines, Combichrist’s “What The F**k Is Wrong With You?” is an industrial/emb version of the same feeling. And who could forget Amy Winehouse (rest in peace), the gal who seemed to truly understand when life gets messed up, with her song, “Love Is A Losing Game?”

The list goes on and on, and will continue to grow every year, because heartbreak is universal. I take solace in all of the great music created to cope with such harsh and uncomfortable emotions. How about you? What’s the song that you keep in your back pocket, the tune that you know will be the first to beat on your eardrums when your heart gets chewed up and spit back out? The choices are out there, and as vast as the channels of the human heart. As it should be, because great art is one of the only benefits to great sorrow, or so this music lover believes.


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Oscar Special Part II: Holy Crap, Mr. Self Destruct Won An Oscar

Remember the guy who gave high school kids everywhere cause to shout, “I wanna f*** you like an animal?” Remember that he used to scream into a microphone from a cage while covered in dirt? That goth guy that you thought was super hot but made your mom wince whenever you watched MTV? That guy just won an Oscar.


"How many f-bombs can I sneak into 'The Social Network?'"


Not to say that this is the first time that the glitz and glamor of Hollywood has transformed a rock star into a “score composer.” Danny Elfman was once the eccentric lead singer of Oingo Boingo who sang about weird science, tender lumplings, and dead men’s parties. Now he’s “Oscar nominated composer Danny Elfman,” thanks in no small part to Tim Burton recognizing his genius early on, plucking him out of eighties new wave obscurity, and handing him a set of keys to his creepily fantastical film empire. These days Elfman is so prolific that you’d be hard pressed not to hear his work in at least one or two films every year, no matter what movie genres you prefer. And yet, even with numerous other awards and four nominations under his belt, that precious Oscar has eluded him.

Not so with Trent Reznor, aka the bleeding heart and blackened soul of the industrial band Nine Inch Nails. As of last night he has one of those precious golden statues to adorn his bathroom, and it all happened so (seemingly) quickly! True, he has flirted with the film industry in the past, having produced the soundtracks for both Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway as well as providing Nine Inch Nails songs for both albums in the nineties. Then in 2004 he was credited as a musical consultant for the film Man On Fire. Otherwise, he seems to be relatively disconnected to Hollywood, and certainly to the world of film scores. In 2001 he was asked to score the icky Robin Williams movie One Hour Photo, but the music didn’t work with the film and ended up instead on the limited edition Nine Inch Nails album Still. Fast forward to 2010: Trent Reznor collaborates with Brit buddy Atticus Ross (who has been listed as a producer and/or programmer on the four most recent NIN albums) on the score to The Social Network, and they strike Oscar pay dirt.


One of these guys wrote "March of the Pigs," can you guess which one?


It was pretty inspiring, in my opinion, and more than a little poetic. Trent Reznor has been a strong supporter of connecting to his fans online and using the internet to distribute music, and he continues to explore the best ways to utilize the medium (as opposed to those artists who have balked at the idea or even gone so far as to try to halt the natural evolution of music *cough*Metallica*cough*). Then he wins praise and distinguished awards for making music for a film about the internet and social networking. That’s kind of brilliant. Sure, I wish he’d worn something slightly more badass to the Academy Awards than the usual black and white tuxedo. I mean, when Coraline was up for an Oscar, Neil Gaiman commissioned Kambriel to design a cool gothy tux to wear to the ceremony, complete with Coraline-esque buttons on the jacket. Classy and spooky are not mutually exclusive terms!


More like this, please. Me-ow!


Even so, I’m proud of the ol’ boy. He accepted his award with eloquence and humble dignity. In years past he has seemed less than impressed with all things Hollywood-related (see his video for “StarF**kers Inc.” and note that he even steals the “Courtney Love” figure’s Oscar) but I hope that Trent has no inner conflict within himself. If anything he has proven that we all have the potential to do vastly different yet equally extraordinary things with our lives. And so, for old time’s sake, here’s Trent in concert circa ’94 as part of Nine Inch Nails, doing what we first loved him for doing:

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