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When I’m Bangin’ On The Radio

Usually I say that I don’t have much time to post, then I end up writing two or three paragraphs anyway. This week I seriously don’t have time thanks to my generosity in helping my friends move, so I’ll just share a bangin’ summer tune that I can’t seem to get enough of: “Bad Girls,” by M.I.A.

I’ve been a big fan of M.I.A. since I first saw the video for “Galaang” oh so many years ago, but her latest might just be her greatest, in my opinion. Not only does the song have a cool tempo with a world music flair, but the video is just as awesome. I’m not even the type to be impressed by flashy car tricks, but something about this song mixed with these visuals seems to be the epitome of badass. And M.I.A. herself is thirty-seven, can you believe it? Amazing. I hope she keeps cranking out excellent tunes for a million more years to come if they can all be as great as this one.

And that’s it from me for July. See you in August, little earbuds!



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I’m Gonna Watch You Shine, Gonna Watch You Grow

This week’s (belated) post is in honor of fathers. Y’know, it’s funny: when it came time to talk about Mother’s Day, I had several songs to choose from that praise moms. However, now that it’s Father’s Day here in the US, I couldn’t find as much selection praising the dads of the world. Apparently to make it in my music library (current song total: 20,973 and counting) you must have some major daddy issues. Almost every song with “father” or “dad” in the title was about pain, resentment, and abandonment. I think that this is a colossal shame, as I know some really amazing fathers. Most notable is my own dad: I am an unabashed daddy’s girl, and I know for a fact that my dad is one of the best people in the whole world. I still look up to him even though I’m (technically) an adult, and I hope that I can be as magical and full of wonder and joy as he is when I get to be his age. He’s one of the funnest people to be around, and every time we hang out we have a blast. Maybe that explains why I never followed my fleeting rock star dreams: I’m too well-adjusted, and I have a great relationship with my father.

If I can get back into songwriting (which I haven’t done in several years, but enjoyed briefly) I’ll certainly make it my goal to write a kick-ass anthem for great dads. Until then, I have at least two songs that always make me think of my father and smile.

It’s hard to go wrong with anything Paul Simon in my book, but this song in particular, “Father and Daughter,” really touched my heart. I remember the first time that I heard it: I was in my car, driving across a bridge, and I heard this song on the radio. I wasn’t paying much attention to it, but then the chorus came on: There could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you. Suddenly I was listening intently. I loved the sentiment, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that’s how my own father felt (and continues to feel) about my sisters and me. Now whenever I hear this song I think of my dad and feel really lucky and really, really loved.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising, given how close I am to my dad, but A Little Princess has always been one of my absolute favourite children’s books. I recall watching the Shirley Temple movie based on the novel and loving it as well, but then Alfonso Cuaron came out with his film version and took my breath away. I can’t watch it without feeling waves of super intense emotions, so when my favourite remix artist, Pogo, came out with this song, “Whisperlude,” based on the movie, I literally sat transfixed in front of my computer screen as tears welled up in my eyes. After that I immediately popped the DVD in and rewatched the whole film, then I went and spent the day with my dad. It’s pretty amazing how Pogo can recreate all of the drama and wonder of a gorgeous and complex film into a remix less than four minutes long. It’s yet another reason why I am in awe of him, and another song to add to my repertoire of feel-good father tunes.

Happy Father’s Day, and thanks to all the great fathers of the world for being awesome!

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Break My Heart Again: Songs For Love Gone Wrong

Hallo once more, little earbuds. Miss Pink has actually been doing pretty well lately. I’m feeling healthy, and slowly but surely I’m getting through my huge backlog of projects and general stuff-to-do, such as catching up on emails with friends. In doing so, I discovered that one of my pals is going through some heartbreak right now. Of course I was sympathetic (because who hasn’t experienced that in some form or other?) but words just don’t feel like enough when it comes to matters of the heart. So In honor of my friend, today I’m bringing you another playlist: Top 5 Songs For Love Gone Wrong. Warning: Here there be F-bombs, so if adult language offends you, better skip this week’s post.

5.) Peaches – F**k The Pain Away

Who can resist Peaches and her electroclash-punk aesthetic? She tells it like it is, and even when her words are tongue-in-cheek, they leave a sting. What’s even better is this fan video of Miss Piggy singing “F**k The Pain Away,” because both Piggy and Peaches are total badasses.

4.) She Wants Revenge – True Romance

The name of this band alone should clue you in to the fact that a song titled “True Romance” might not be what it seems. “I know that you never loved me, I know that you never cared at all…” There are so many vengeful gems from She Wants Revenge, but this one takes the cake for love that’s gone sour.

3.) Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends

Back before Veronica Mars was on the air I found myself in the most upsetting roommate situation of my life to date with someone whom I once considered a close friend. Since I tend to invest as much of my heart into my friendships as I do into romance, it was a very scarring moment in my personal history. Luckily, during this period I caught the Dandy Warhols performing this song on SNL, and instantly I had a theme for my pain. Just listening to this tune on repeat automatically made everything a bit better.

2.) Future Bible Heroes – I’m Lonely (And I Love It)

Even though this song is over a decade old, I miraculously discovered it on the same night that I was replying to the very friend who inspired this playlist. As much as I adore Stephin Merritt, I must admit that I haven’t explored his side projects as thoroughly as I have Magnetic Fields. Since previously I only had two Future Bible Heroes songs in my musical library, I’m delighted to have an entirely new catalogue to explore (small as it is, being a side project and all). As soon as I heard the plethora of electronic beats urging me to dance I was in love, but the beyond awesome lyrics take this song over the top. If there’s a more joyful song about heartbreak out there, I haven’t heard it. And I’ve heard a lot.

1.) Nine Inch Nails – You Know What You Are

As much as I’d love to end on a positive note like song #2, when it comes to pains of the heart, the guy I always turn to first is Trent Reznor. This entire list could have been populated with Nine Inch Nails, so extensive is his repertoire of anger and disappointment. What I really love about this particular song is how it takes pain and sadness and channels it all into pure unadulterated rage. In my personal experience, there is no song that can trump this one when it comes to the primal desire to scream “F*** YOU!!!” at whoever has lied to you, cheated on you, or let you down in your life.

There are obviously many, many more songs out there of every genre that cover this topic extremely well. J. Geils Band’s “Love Stinks” is always a classic choice, as is any version of Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” (My personal preference is the upbeat 90s cover by Saint Etienne, because nothing gives melancholy the middle finger quite like being peppy.) Then there’s the newer indie classic, Gotye’s ode to faded romance, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The Kills provide great, crunchy tunes that always make me wanna take a road trip and stay in run-down motels, and their ditty “F**k The People” is excellent not just for heartache but any ol’ time you feel like you’re surrounded by stupidity. Along those same lines, Combichrist’s “What The F**k Is Wrong With You?” is an industrial/emb version of the same feeling. And who could forget Amy Winehouse (rest in peace), the gal who seemed to truly understand when life gets messed up, with her song, “Love Is A Losing Game?”

The list goes on and on, and will continue to grow every year, because heartbreak is universal. I take solace in all of the great music created to cope with such harsh and uncomfortable emotions. How about you? What’s the song that you keep in your back pocket, the tune that you know will be the first to beat on your eardrums when your heart gets chewed up and spit back out? The choices are out there, and as vast as the channels of the human heart. As it should be, because great art is one of the only benefits to great sorrow, or so this music lover believes.

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Acetaminophen, You See The Medicine

I finally made it out to the doctor yesterday to get my sickness taken care of. Unsurprisingly, my ailment is still a mystery. They took some blood (a lot of blood, actually) and they’re running some tests. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon as to why my digestive system seems to hate me. Until then, I decided to cut the chatter short and bring you a Top 5 list, which I haven’t done in yons. Today’s musical medication: Top 5 Medicinal Songs. Listen twice daily for best results.

5.) Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge Bon Jovi fan. Most of their songs are too “stadium rock” for my tastes. However, this song is pretty rad to blast in the car on a warm summer day with the windows down.

4.) Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!

The Thompson Twins have so much more to offer than just a good song to make out to while sitting on a table above sixteen flaming candles. This is classic new wave awesomeness.

3.) Hooverphonic – Shake The Disease

I was torn between posting this version of Depeche Mode’s frustrated love song or the original. However, I was smitten the first time that I heard Hooverphonic’s excellent cover, so as much as I enjoy any and all things Depeche Mode, I had to give props where props are due. Plus trip-hop is so damn sexy!

2.) The White Stripes – Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine

Arguably the best song on a really stellar album, this track reminds me why I was completely obsessed with The White Stripes for a good chunk of my twenties. And the lyrics are killer.

1.) Garbage – Medication

Garbage are undeniably fierce (I dare you to deny their ferocity!) so as soon as I decided to make this list I knew that this song would be my number one. It really is the perfect musical embodiment of how it feels to be sluggish and in a drug-induced haze, still sick and perhaps even worse off than before you took the pills that the doctor prescribed. One listen is all it takes to hear that Shirley Manson really gets it.

And that’s my Top 5 Medicinal Songs. Being sick really sucks. But great music makes everything just a bit better.


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In A Computer Fairyland

Hello once more, little earbuds. This week has been much better than the last. I’m still not 100% well, but I managed to eat my favourite sushi on Tuesday, so that alone equals a win for me. I’ve been thinking lots of big thoughts lately about life and ambition and direction and such, and hopefully I can share more of that later on, or at least the soundtrack to my inner monologue. But for now I bring you a classic 80s synthpop song, though surprisingly, it’s new to me. Or is it?

I was browsing iTunes once again, as I am prone to do when I want to waste time online (or have a gift card to burn) when I found Trans-X on a collection of dance songs. As you probably know by now, I love to dance, and I especially love to dance to 80s music. In fact, I already owned most of the songs in said collection. However, I didn’t have this one, “Living On Video,” but its punchy keyboards and robotic beats hooked me immediately. I not only bought the original album featuring the song, but also an updated re-recording of it, both of which are pretty freakin’ awesome. However, the more that I listen to it, the more I get the feeling that I’ve heard it before, perhaps in a goth club. Maybe it’s the Leæther Strip cover that I actually know, or maybe it just sounds like a track from the movie Party Monster. I can’t exactly recall dancing to it, but there’s something oddly familiar about those synths. However, whether it’s a rediscovered favourite or just new to me, I’m totally into this track. I hope you enjoy this electronic flashback of the week!

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Gone Is Another Day

Another Wednesday, and honestly, all I can listen to is Class Actress. “Keep You” is amazing, but so is the rest of Rapprocher. Even so, another Wednesday calls for another music video. So, in keeping with the electronica vibe, today’s song of choice is a dream pop ditty that I haven’t listened to in a while but recently re-discovered it thanks to the glorious shuffling of my iTunes. I remember that I couldn’t stop playing School of Seven Bells when I first got their debut album, Alpinisms. This song, “Half Asleep,” was the reason for that initial purchase. After I saw this video on Logo’s NewNowNext video block, I was immediately entranced with the dreamy vocals and upbeat synths that sound like showers of glitter exploding at every chorus. There’s so much movement in both this video and this song that it always makes me want to dance or swim or fly on an airplane; basically it feels like diving into the great flow of life. It’s completely enchanting, which is why I’m sharing it with you today.

I had the fortune of seeing the band members in concert when they were touring with Interpol in 2004, though at the time Benjamin Curtis was with Secret Machines and twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza were part of On!Air!Library!. Later on I was lucky enough to see them together as School of Seven Bells at Moogfest in 2010 (sans sister Claudia, who had recently quit). Let me tell you right now that they are just as glorious live as on their albums. It was a powerful performance, one that commanded attention even in the hippie hustle and bustle that is Moogfest. I adore their second album, Disconnect from Desire, and I eagerly await their forthcoming release, Ghostory, due in spring of this year. However, this song was the initial seed from which my undying love for this amazing band bloomed, and no matter how many times I go running after a new musical crush, I always find it blissful to return to the dreamy waters of “Half Asleep.”

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I Wanna Keep You In My Heart

Happy February, little earbuds! The one-year anniversary of this blog is fast approaching alongside V-Day. I can hardly believe it!

Today’s video of choice isn’t just a gem, it’s an absolute diamond in both visuals and sound. I first came upon Class Actress when it was simply Elizabeth Harper, when her sweet and lovely ditty “Let Me Take You Out” was featured on a random collection of indie songs that I found on iTunes. Fast-forward to hearing the same song on The Vampire Diaries, only this time the artist was listed as Class Actress. I enjoyed the song so much that I had to download the rest of the EP, Journal of Ardency, and let me tell you, if it had been an old-fashioned record, I would have worn through the vinyl. As light and charming as “Let Me Take You Out” was, that’s how retro-electronic and sexy the other four songs were. After a year’s wait, Class Actress finally released a debut full-length album, Rapprocher, and the stunning first single is today’s video: “Keep You.”

I’ll admit that I wasn’t immediately taken with the song, but after only a couple of listens the snappy bass lines and 80s synths had firmly wriggled their way into my brain. I find myself thinking of the song and humming it (both aloud and in my head) quite often. It’s slick and insidious and completely addicting. I thought that it couldn’t get any better, but then I found this fantastic fan-made video featuring clips from a French 60s movie called Anna. I’ve never seen the film, but the colourful mods, random dancing, and dark looks from the leading man all fit the song incredibly well. I love awesome fan videos, and this is one of the best by far. It just makes the song that much more intoxicating, and the only cure for this hangover is listening to more Class Actress! I sincerely hope that synthpop is making a comeback, because if this is the wave of the future, it’s truly music to my ears.

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I Was A Short Fuse Burning All The Time

Earlier this year, around the month of January, my sisters found their Chinese zodiac predictions for the rest of the year while glancing through a magazine. Despite the questionable validity of the source of the information, both were impressed by its accuracy to describe how current events were shaping up for the both of them. Later they told me my prediction as well, that this year would be one in which I focus on my family. Then I discovered my current yearly prediction based on my birth chart, which described how I’ve been living with my head in the clouds for the past few years, but this year I would finally move back down and become grounded in reality. Depending upon what sort of person you are, that may or may not sound like an enticing prospect. Usually I freely and proudly admit to being a perpetual dreamer, but there is something to be said for having concrete resolutions and achieving one’s goals.

Interestingly enough, though it is only March, I have seen evidence of both of the above predictions coming to fruition. In fact, both can be illustrated in one decision which I made just this weekend: instead of taking my third yearly trip in a row to Germany for Wave Gotik Treffen, I am staying stateside this year and vacationing with my family. Since WGT is in June, a high travel month, instead of its usual date in May, airfare, hotels, and the like are extremely pricey. Usually I don’t really take such things into account. Not to say that I have the funds to ignore cost, oh no, quite the opposite. However, I’m not good with denying myself, or with thinking about future consequences. I am like the grasshopper who sings and dances all summer long without thinking about where I’ll find food in the cold winter months ahead. So to suddenly do so, to debate the wisdom of my choices and the possible future outcomes, is somewhat novel for me.

There will be sadness, to be sure, especially when WGT comes and so many of my friends are partying without me, watching a great deal of amazing bands perform, and dancing and drinking that wonderful “Viking’s Blood” mead. But saving for tomorrow is filling me with an odd and newfound satisfaction. I feel the promise of tomorrow outweighing the party of today, and it is strange. I almost feel, dare I say it, dear reader, like one of those fabled “adults” I keep hearing so much about. (Not that this feeling will last, so worry not for Miss Pink! One of my planned family excursions will be to Disney World, and I wear mouse ears and run eagerly from ride to ride with just as much [if not more] vigor and excitement than any child.)

All of this really has nothing to do with music, unless you think of all of the bands that I will not be seeing in concert. But this is my blog, and it is about how I connect to the world through music, and so as I debate about my decisions, this song has been running through my head all day:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

New Order really are one of the most amazing bands, in my opinion. They have a song appropriate for just about any mood, from the highest high to the lowest low. No offense to the late great Ian Curtis, but I actually prefer New Order to Joy Division (blasphemy, I know!). Joy Division are a seminal band, and they influenced some of my favourite artists currently producing music today. But I’ve never had the urge to roll down the windows while I’m driving on a warm sunny day and blast “She’s Lost Control.” But give me “Age Of Consent,” “Ceremony,” “Temptation,” or “True Faith,” and that’s a road trip scene straight from any good movie. As for this video’s song, “Regret,” I can still clearly remember the first time that I really listened to it. I was working at a terrible job that I hated, my worst job to date. I honestly felt like it was sucking my will to live. I was depressed and felt like my life was moving nowhere. Then I heard this song on my car’s stereo courtesy of a free CD that came with a music magazine I had purchased, and the lyrics moved me nearly to tears. My heart suddenly filled up with hope, and I knew deep down to my core that things would get better. And they did.

Anyway, that’s all that I have for today, dear reader. Growing up. Weird. I’ll try it for now, but I make no promises that it will last.

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Fragments of The Wolf: The Music of Red Riding Hood

Oh Red Riding Hood. There was so much potential there. You have a great cast that features Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, and a couple of young hotties that include the son of Jeremy Irons. You have that whole fairy-tale period-piece feel to you (though exactly what period, and where, are you supposed to take place? This is neither verbally mentioned nor evident in the scenery. Did you blow all the budget on catering and forget to hire a historian to glance over the script?) And let’s not forget what’s best of all: you’re one of the most interesting of the “traditional” fairy tales that we all know and love. On the surface it’s a simple story about minding your parents and not being thrown off your chosen path by strangers. However, at its heart Little Red Riding Hood is sexual, bloody, and disturbing (as are many of the original fairy tales before they were relegated to the realm of “children’s stories”). So Catherine Hardwicke had a lot to work with coming into this horror-tinged remake. And yet, somewhere along the line, it didn’t quite live up to its promise.

Perhaps it was my fault for expecting too much. When I hear that Gary Oldman is in a remake of one of my favourite fairy tales, I expect quality across the board. And to be fair, there were good things to be found. The snowy setting was a nice touch that helped make the red riding hood a visual star of its own. There were a couple of honest-to-goodness seat-jumping parts, which is always delicious in such a film. And the music was quite good (see the videos below). But overall it was cheesy, so terribly, terribly cheesy. I can enjoy a cheesy film when I’m prepared for it. But when I’m looking for a romantic horror along the lines of Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Interview with the Vampire, cheesy is disappointing. As I watched Red Riding Hood I discovered that I was straining to force myself to enjoy it more than I actually was. Once I realized that it just wasn’t going to be the film that I had hoped, I was able to let go and enjoy what was onscreen. Such as the soundtrack to the film, of which I am sharing my top three songs.

1.) Brian Reitzell – Towers of the Void

You might recognize Brian Reitzell as the guy who did the music for several Sofia Coppola films. I’ll give Catherine Hardwicke credit for having a good ear when it comes to her movies’ soundtracks, as Brian Reitzell is an excellent if underused choice in the movie biz. In regards to Red Riding Hood, while the rest of the score worked well enough with the film, this is the only track that I find myself wanting to listen to without the visuals. It’s eerie and cold, and the delicate reverberations of the strings remind me of melting droplets of snow falling from branch to ground. Very appropriate for a desolate mountain fairy tale.

2.) Fever Ray – The Wolf

Ooooo, I’d been waiting for this track for months! I looked for it as soon as the first trailers ran for this movie last winter, but sadly it was not available at the time. Now, however, we finally have it! This song speaks to what I wanted this film to be: raw, animalistic, sexual, powerful, and dark. Sadly, not even the scene in which it was utilized provided even half of that. (Pig masks, why did it have to be pig masks?!?) Still, I get shivers whenever I hear it. If nothing else came from this film but this song, I would still be a happy bunny.

3.) Alex Gonzalez & Brian Reitzell – Just a Fragment of You

The other Fever Ray song used in the film was good, but as soon as I saw that Alex Gonzalez of M83 worked on this track, I knew it was a winner. To be fair, I adore M83, as they gave me one of my top albums of all time (otherwise known as one of my “desert island albums” [Saturdays = Youth, for the curious]) so I was biased going in. But I think that even the uninitiated will find something beautiful and special in this track. It takes the eerie coldness from the first track that I shared and softens it, stretches it like taffy into a dream-like state of bliss. Like all the best ethereal music, I feel as though I could swim in an ocean of this sound. It’s gorgeous, and a surprising bonus gem from this film’s soundtrack.

So there you have it, dear reader. Personally I dislike movie reviews in which I am told which films to see and which films to skip. There is merit in this one, just as there is merit in pretty much any film. See it if you wish, and perhaps if you are forewarned of the impending cheese you will enjoy it even more than I was able to. Had I known then what I know now… Ah well, at least there are some kick-ass songs to take away from the experience.

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Free Music and the Power of the Internet

The internet really is a marvel, isn’t it? So many of us use it on a daily basis that it can be easily taken for granted (until it breaks down or we go on vacation to lands unknown; that’s when we usually cry with relief once we’re “reconnected”). One of the first things that I was excited to explore was meeting new people, so for my first few years of being constantly online I participated in a lot of internet chat rooms and message boards. However, long after that aspect lost its glitter, utilizing the internet to find rare and obscure music has remained a constant source of happiness for these Hot Pink Headphones.

I still vividly recall my first ever internet purchase: it was done on our (now ancient) Mac computer in the attic of the house where I grew up. This was back in the days when “getting online” meant basically scrolling through lines of words with very few graphics and no colour save for green. I don’t even remember search engines, so how I managed to find any website is a mystery. However, some way, somehow, I found a mail order store online that sold the soundtrack to the Canadian 90s vampire show Forever Knight. I didn’t even know that such an album existed (I had certainly never seen it in a brick and mortar store) and it was my absolute favourite show at that time. So I filled out the form, borrowing my parents’ credit card, hit “send,” then sat back to wait, hoping and praying that I wasn’t just ripped off. In a couple of weeks it finally arrived, o frabjous day, callooh, callay! I was ecstatic, and I thought, “It can’t get any better than this.”

Needless to say, at present I use the internet to find new music on a near daily basis. It’s staggering to think that in my lifetime I went from no internet to sending emails into the void in the hopes of receiving a package in the mail to downloading entire albums in less than five minutes. And there is even a great deal of 100% legally free music to be found online, which is something I never would have anticipated in my wildest dreams! Today’s post was in fact inspired by a new Bat For Lashes cover of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” which at the time of this writing, is available to download absolutely free on Facebook. Just go to the Facebook page for Gucci, click on “Gucci Guilty,” and presto, free song! It’s quite good, too, especially if you are already a fan of either (that goes double if, like me, you’re already a fan of both). In honor of free music everywhere, I’m posting three of my favourite free internet finds of the past year. Happy hunting!

1.) Pogo – Expialidocious

When it comes to free, awesome music, one name springs to mind: Pogo. If you’ve already heard his phenomenal song “Upular,” then you know who he is and what he does. In case you’re uninitiated, Pogo is an Australian DJ who is best known for taking sounds from films and stringing them together to form amazing electronic songs. This entire entry could just be a love note to him, because his music truly touches my heart. I don’t know if it’s because the films that he chooses are almost all favourites of mine (Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Hook, Alice In Wonderland, A Little Princess, Up, The Secret Garden) or if it’s just the way that he blends melodies together, but I can’t get enough of him and his brilliant work. When a friend of mine first turned me onto his work last year, most of his catalog was available to download for free from his website.

Today you can still download them there, but in the manner of Radiohead and free music lovers everywhere, he has a “name your own price” function by some of his better known mp3s (while others are still just free). For my money, this is as good as free (or almost free) music gets. The video that I’m sharing in this entry is probably my absolute favourite of his (which is saying a lot, as picking just one is nearly impossible). The building of the beats mixed with the sweet voice of Karen Dotrice creates a sort of magic that instantly transports me to childhood, and the accompanying video always makes me want to dance along the rooftops with Bert and Mary Poppins.

2.) The Ruby Suns – Closet Astrologer

Love it or hate it, Amazon.com is an online force to be reckoned with. When it comes to free music, it far surpasses iTunes in sheer numbers alone. True, there is a lot of chaff amidst the wheat, but when you find something worthwhile it almost seems too good to be true. That was how I felt when I downloaded Digital Bang: The 2010 Sub Pop Sampler For Amazon. The whole album is completely free, and it’s filled to the brim with some really excellent tracks by great artists such as Beach House, Dum Dum Girls, and Cocorosie. But my favourite track was from a band completely new to me: The Ruby Suns. This New Zealand band makes music with a hazy kind of ease, like falling into a soft pillow of a dream that you don’t want to wake up from. I’m certain that the intention of releasing this sampler album was to introduce people to these bands and lead them to future purchases, and let me tell you, that technique worked like wildfire. I did indeed go on to purchase the entire Ruby Suns album Fight Softly, and I have officially added them to my “bands to watch” list. So take that, greedy music executives who try to stop free music from being given away! Have a little faith in music fans, because like all true addicts, we never stop at just one good song.

3.) Cut Copy – Need You Now

Though I dismissed them earlier, once in a while iTunes does let a winner slip out every so often as their “Free Single Of The Week.” This song, which was featured a few weeks ago, is just that: crisp Australian electropop that brings to mind New Order without encroaching on their sacred territory. And this is the second song by Cut Copy which has been the FSotW! (Hmm, what is it about Aussies and Kiwis that makes them so generous with their excellent music?) While this song is unfortunately no longer a free download on iTunes, I would definitely categorize it as music worth the money. It’s peppy without becoming too cloying, hopeful and mellow at the same time; a perfect song for twirling around to on a dance floor or in your bedroom. As for the conglomerate known as iTunes, releasing songs like this one shows that there are gems to be found in all corners of the web if you just cast your ‘net far and frequently enough.


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