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The Eastern Sea’s So Blue

Unsurprisingly, I’m really feeling the Eighties lately. I’ve also been going gaga for all things Japanese (as evidenced by my Music For Otakus series, and by an upcoming entry on visual kei). So what could be better than a new wave Eighties hit about Japan, sung by a German band? Exactly. Nothing.

I still distinctly remember the first time that I caught this video on VH1’s late late late night videos. I taped it to show my sister and laughed about the cheesy effects, but secretly I was already digging on the song. Flash forward to a scant few weeks later and I had Forever Young and Other Hits by Alphaville in my hot little hands. The entire album was only $5, but to my surprise there were loads of great songs on there! So what’s the point of this wee vignette, you might be asking? All I’m saying, dear little earbuds, is that you should never judge a song by its video. And don’t be afraid to fully chow down on the cheesy goodness of decades gone by.


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