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I Wanna Keep You In My Heart

Happy February, little earbuds! The one-year anniversary of this blog is fast approaching alongside V-Day. I can hardly believe it!

Today’s video of choice isn’t just a gem, it’s an absolute diamond in both visuals and sound. I first came upon Class Actress when it was simply Elizabeth Harper, when her sweet and lovely ditty “Let Me Take You Out” was featured on a random collection of indie songs that I found on iTunes. Fast-forward to hearing the same song on The Vampire Diaries, only this time the artist was listed as Class Actress. I enjoyed the song so much that I had to download the rest of the EP, Journal of Ardency, and let me tell you, if it had been an old-fashioned record, I would have worn through the vinyl. As light and charming as “Let Me Take You Out” was, that’s how retro-electronic and sexy the other four songs were. After a year’s wait, Class Actress finally released a debut full-length album, Rapprocher, and the stunning first single is today’s video: “Keep You.”

I’ll admit that I wasn’t immediately taken with the song, but after only a couple of listens the snappy bass lines and 80s synths had firmly wriggled their way into my brain. I find myself thinking of the song and humming it (both aloud and in my head) quite often. It’s slick and insidious and completely addicting. I thought that it couldn’t get any better, but then I found this fantastic fan-made video featuring clips from a French 60s movie called Anna. I’ve never seen the film, but the colourful mods, random dancing, and dark looks from the leading man all fit the song incredibly well. I love awesome fan videos, and this is one of the best by far. It just makes the song that much more intoxicating, and the only cure for this hangover is listening to more Class Actress! I sincerely hope that synthpop is making a comeback, because if this is the wave of the future, it’s truly music to my ears.


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