99 Problems (With Trying To Share Music)

As you know, little earbuds, I love sharing music. In college I had a brief stint as a radio DJ, and though I had to play certain songs, I was allowed to choose my own music about once an hour. It was brief, but delightful, to both hear my beloved songs as well as share them with the world (or the three college kids listening at the time, but still). I’m very grateful that YouTube exists so that I can share even more music via this blog, and yet, it can be a bit dicey. Sometimes there isn’t a video for a song that I’m looking for, and quite often older links are taken down. Hence I was extremely excited when I saw that Spotify is now an option for sharing songs on WordPress. The videos are a nice addition, but sharing the songs is the most important part in my book.

And so, I created a Spotify account and was all set to embed songs… when I realized that in order to hear the songs that I post, you, the reader, must also have a Spotify account. That wasn’t what I had in mind, and I was very disappointed with this realization. I mean, my whole mission statement is about music’s universality! What about readers who don’t have Spotify accounts, or can’t get them because of where they live? This led to me spending the afternoon seeking out “a better way.” I downloaded a new and experimental program that looked great but is so new and experimental that I couldn’t figure out how to add any songs to my blog. I looked into using my Last.fm account to share songs, then, when I wasn’t satisfied with those results, I looked into even more programs of a similar nature. Finally I signed up for Rdio, which is similar to Spotify, except that you can actually hear a thirty-second preview of the songs I share here if you don’t have a Rdio account. (And if you do have an account, you get the whole song.)

I’m not super pleased with any of the results. I like the idea of Spotify most of all, because I can share directly from my music library (no more fruitless YouTube searches!). Many of my Facebook friends already use it, but I don’t want to exclude anyone who doesn’t. Then there’s Rdio, which has a very nice set-up for sharing entire playlists, but with this option you only get thirty seconds of a song. Better than nothing, I suppose. Or I could stick with the tried-and-true YouTube videos until something better comes along. What do you think? Which version of Hugo’s cover of “99 Problems” works best for you?

Spotify: Looks good, but only useful for Spotify members.

Rdio: Nice and sleek, but only thirty seconds? Boo.

YouTube: Good ol’ YouTube. If links didn’t disappear so often, I wouldn’t even bother looking elsewhere.



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2 responses to “99 Problems (With Trying To Share Music)

  1. Funkgun

    Have you tried Grooveshark?
    Also, I always loved this version of the song. Best “unique” cover of a rap song since “Boyz n The Hood” By Dynamite Hack

    • I haven’t, but I’ll look into it now. Thank you for the recommendation! And I agree. I’ve been playing the heck out of this one lately. That banjo is just so addictive! 😉

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