K-Poppin’ Fresh Tunes

Hello again, little earbuds. By this point in my blog I’ve written several entries about Japanese music, from traditional to J-pop to J-rock to anime soundtracks. However, over the past few months I’ve begun mixing in some Korean dramas along with my usual diet of all things anime. Just last week I finished an excellent one called City Hunter. (In fact I wrote a review of it yesterday over on Otaku Haiku. Feel free to have a read.) As happens with anime and J-pop, invariably if you watch Kdrama, you’ll start to pick up K-pop along with it. The genre is still very new to me, and everything I have thus far I’ve gleaned from my Kdrama-obsessed sister, but what I’ve heard, for the most part, I’ve quite liked. Hence today’s two videos are some Korean pop songs that I’ve been enjoying lately. The first is a song from the City Hunter soundtrack called “You & I” by Rainbow. The video is a fan tribute to the drama from whence it came. I like that the song is a bit more mellow than a lot of over-the-top pop that I’ve heard, yet it’s still bouncy and upbeat.

The second tune is by DARA, and it’s called “Kiss.” While it’s not from the City Hunter soundtrack, the star of the series, Lee Min Ho, plays the smarmy lead guy in the video. This one is definitely pure pop, and I just don’t know which is more infectious, the glossy video or the song itself. I love that there’s a full story here that you can understand even if you don’t speak Korean. And getting to see more Lee Min Ho is always a bonus in my book.

And that’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more videos, more pop culture tidbits, and of course more music. Same pink time, same pink channel!



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6 responses to “K-Poppin’ Fresh Tunes

  1. Moo

    SCORE! I’m addicted to Kdramas and I LOVE this video. Anything with Lee Min Ho is pure fantastic-yumminess covered in awesome-sauce!!!

  2. I agree – it’s always a good week when there’s a treat for all the Minnows out there. 🙂

  3. Theresa

    I can’t believe you beat me to the end of City Hunter! I’m still stuck somewhere in episode 8 or 9. Fun song though (second video), it might be in my head for a while…

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