In A Computer Fairyland

Hello once more, little earbuds. This week has been much better than the last. I’m still not 100% well, but I managed to eat my favourite sushi on Tuesday, so that alone equals a win for me. I’ve been thinking lots of big thoughts lately about life and ambition and direction and such, and hopefully I can share more of that later on, or at least the soundtrack to my inner monologue. But for now I bring you a classic 80s synthpop song, though surprisingly, it’s new to me. Or is it?

I was browsing iTunes once again, as I am prone to do when I want to waste time online (or have a gift card to burn) when I found Trans-X on a collection of dance songs. As you probably know by now, I love to dance, and I especially love to dance to 80s music. In fact, I already owned most of the songs in said collection. However, I didn’t have this one, “Living On Video,” but its punchy keyboards and robotic beats hooked me immediately. I not only bought the original album featuring the song, but also an updated re-recording of it, both of which are pretty freakin’ awesome. However, the more that I listen to it, the more I get the feeling that I’ve heard it before, perhaps in a goth club. Maybe it’s the Leæther Strip cover that I actually know, or maybe it just sounds like a track from the movie Party Monster. I can’t exactly recall dancing to it, but there’s something oddly familiar about those synths. However, whether it’s a rediscovered favourite or just new to me, I’m totally into this track. I hope you enjoy this electronic flashback of the week!


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