Think About The Future

It’s dreadful how I’ve neglected my blogs this week. What can I say? I’ve been looking to the future, little earbuds. I’m hopeful that this year my future will include a return trip in May to Leipzig, Germany, for Wave Gotik Treffen, the world’s largest “dark” music gathering. The two that I’ve attended thus far have been amazing, a real feast for the senses. Though I look forward to seeing friends from around the globe as well as viewing lots of incredible outfits, the music is, at its core, what this gathering is all about.

I love getting to indulge my appetite for industrial, ebm, new wave, death rock, and classic goth all in one weekend, but the bands that I get the most excited about are usually somewhere in the ethereal/neoclassical/medieval realm. Not to say that I necessarily love Ataraxia more than Alien Sex Fiend, but living as I do in a decidedly rural section of the American South, the chances of me getting to see my favourite neofolk acts is slim to none. I was able to see Alien Sex Fiend play a club in London several years ago, but until I went to WGT 19, I didn’t even realize that Ataraxia were still together, let alone touring. That’s one of the great things about WGT, in my opinion: you not only get exposed to tons of new and fabulous bands, but you also rediscover some that you used to love a lifetime ago.

The band selection has yet to be posted on the main WGT site (which is the norm this early in the game) but once again seems to have the hook-up. I’m excited at the prospect of getting to see Qntal, Steven Severin, and Funker Vogt live, but I’ve also been checking out bands that are new to me, such as this one, Irfan.

I definitely hear Dead Can Dance in there (who are supposed to go on tour this year, squee!) but it’s also a bit more Middle Eastern and earthy. Overall, not too shabby. I’ll probably end up buying at least one album by this group, and should the gods smile favorably upon me, I hope to see them perform live at WGT this year. I can already smell music festival season in the air. With any luck, I’ll get to hear some in person, too.


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