Musical Grab Bag: Strange As Angels

Hello again in real-time, little earbuds! I’m back after a grueling month of NaNoWriMo-ing. (If you want more details on that experience, check out The Procrastinator’s Project Journal.) Now that I’m back to my beloved blogging, I had intended for the first order of business to be writing up a review of the Pixies concert I attended last month. However, this past week has been just as busy, if not more so, than any given week in November (as evidenced by my late-night updates since December 1st). And so today I decided to start a wee fun tradition that I like to call “Musical Grab Bag.” The rules are simple: go to your iTunes or other form of musical library. Hit “shuffle.” The first 5-star rated song that comes up is the winner, and the one to get a spotlight on ye olde blog!

To be fair, I had to do this a few times to find something. The first couple of 5-stars I wasn’t feeling, then there was one I’d written about before (I think), then one video that I couldn’t get to play outside of YouTube. But I’m pleased as punch about the selection that eventually came up. As I’ve said before, you just can’t go wrong with The Cure, you really, absolutely can’t. And this video is one of my all-time favs. The purple sky, the boys in black playing their hearts out on the edge of a cliff, the dance with the ghostly maiden under the moonlight… it’s typical Cure, and completely wonderful. Besides that, the song is one that always lifts my heart and makes me want to dance around (though preferably not on the edge of a cliff… then again, for Robert, I just might).

This song is also used to great effect in the excellent road trip movie Gypsy 83 (a movie that I’ve been trying to get all of my Goth friends to watch for years). If you care to forward the video to the 7:40 mark, you’ll get to see Gypsy and Clive, two road trippin’ Goths, give an Amish guy a makeover in a graveyard set to The Cure. Yeah, this movie is that awesome.

Tune in next week when I’ll finally/hopefully have a review of the Pixies in concert, complete with pictures!

Editor’s Note: Okay, so apparently I can’t get the “Just Like Heaven” video to play outside of YouTube, either. Fine, corporate music monkeys, you win. This round.


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