The Sounds Of Inspiration, Part V: And Also The Trees

Today we come to the close of this series of inspirational music, little earbuds. Hopefully by this point your beloved Miss Pink has, well, a 50,000-word novel under her belt. Regardless of the outcome, I know that I have tried my best! When in need of a scene or a character or a feeling for my novel, you can be certain that I have turned to one or more of the songs that I’ve shared with you this past month. When it comes to today’s selection, there is no question that I listened to this band many times during my writing process, because And Also The Trees have been one of my favourite bands of all time since I first heard them on a mixed tape as a junior in high school. This song in particular means a great deal to me, and that’s the one that I’m sharing with you now. It’s called, “Belief in the Rose.”

And Also The Trees is a British band formed in 1979 (the same year I was born, by coincidence). Their moody and atmospheric albums didn’t make much of a splash in the US, which is a shame, but they did find some success in their native Europe. They formed a friendship with The Cure and even toured together, which sounds like my concert version of heaven. Both bands resonate with a gloomy post-punk sensibility, but And Also The Trees is its own wondrous kind of music. When I listen to them I’m right where they created this music, in a small village in Worcestershire, reveling in the gothic romance and myriad ghosts of that island nation. On the band’s own website they profess that “AATT were influenced almost exclusively by the landscape & history of the rural environment that surrounded them, an influence that has remained throughout their entire existence to this day.” It’s extraordinary how true that statement is, especially for anyone who has traveled through England. I can clearly see those grey skies and rolling hills whenever I play one of their albums, perhaps more so than with any other band that creates music about a specific place.

The album that this song is found on, Farewell to the Shade, is phenomenal. It positively drips with ambience and mood with its nods to classical literature and pagan landscapes. But this song, “Belief in the Rose,” is something that I find to be truly special. I have several scenes that come to mind when I hear its delicate waltz and deep, lilting vocals, but one in particular springs to mind, and it is my personal refuge. I connect to this song so deeply that I can’t even fully express in words what it means to me, but it’s on the level of past lives and remote dreams. I’ve tried writing specific stories while listening to “Belief in the Rose,” but it becomes too deeply personal for me to get much past the details. Still, I know that if my creative well has run dry, I can listen to this song and instantly be somewhere else. Anything that shakes you up and takes you out of the norm is good for creativity, and every now and then it’s good for the soul, too.

And that’s my series of inspirational songs! I hope that you’ve enjoyed them, and perhaps been inspired yourself. See you next week in real time again!



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4 responses to “The Sounds Of Inspiration, Part V: And Also The Trees

  1. I am sad to read that is the end of the series, I really enjoyed them and they have reminded me of some old friends that will now be bought from iTunes. So that will be the lp, cd, and now evil mp3!!!

    • Lol, I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the series! In that case I may just revisit it soon. 🙂

      Y’know, I used to be dead set against mp3s, until I began discovering albums online that were long out of print or nearly impossible to find. *That* won me over. 😉

      • I agree but it can be too easy. I think I have repurchased all the pixies albums in multiple formats 3/4 times now and I am sure if I went looking I have done this for several artists. Sometimes it is just laziness, I have cd’s and lp’s in storage are rather than going to get something I will just log on to iTunes and buy again. I think this would not be so bad if I thought the artist got more of the money!!

      • Ha ha, I’ve done the exact same thing with The Last Unicorn. I own 2 VHS copies, 2 or 3 DVDs, and now the Blu-ray. Sometimes we can’t help but keep shelling out money for the things we love. And the Pixies are very deserving of that love!

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