The Sounds Of Inspiration, Part III: The Cure

The Cure are one of my favourite bands of all time, hands down, no question about it. Despite the fact that I don’t make a conscious effort to play them that often, they remain my most-listened-to band on I don’t even bother mentioning them whenever someone asks about my favourite music because they are so deeply ingrained in my psyche that I assume everyone can tell that I love them just by looking at me. And I, in turn, tend to assume that everyone else loves them, too. Who doesn’t love The Cure? Seriously? There are many songs from many different eras of their monumental career that inspire me, but no matter what mood I’m in, I always come back to “The Funeral Party.”

The title alone is terribly brooding and gothic, but when the actual music plays, something surprising comes through: hope. The slow, steady drums and simplistic waves of keyboard notes always put me in mind of a rainy day, but one of those rainy days where you can see pools of dull light breaking up the monotony of heavy grey clouds. I hear somber tranquility in the deliberate heartbeat and ghostly vocals of this song, and the juxtaposition of darkness and light inspires me to no end. “The Funeral Party” is from their seminal album Faith, an album admittedly filled with gloomy anthems ranging from the melancholy “All Cats Are Grey” to the echoing cries of “The Drowning Man.” On such an album, it’s funny that the brightest ray of light would come from a song with “funeral” in the title. Then again, you can’t have “funeral” without “f-u-n.”


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