Sweeter Than Candy: Perfume

As usual I begin a series of music videos and immediately get waylaid by something more pressing. But I had to interrupt my series of inspirational music to share this video, because it’s just too darn cute not to. And it’s totally pink! Pink J-pop for Miss Pink writing on Hot Pink Headphones. It’s so perfect that I couldn’t wait to share it with you, little earbuds. This darling and delicious treat of a song is called “Spice,” and it’s by the Japanese all-girl group Perfume.

Perfume’s bouncy electropop has been around since 2001, but I’ve only come to know of them recently. I kept hearing their name thrown around by J-music lovin’ friends, then the other night I finally checked out this song after a helpful Twitter pal tweeted the link. I loved this infectiously rhythmic tune as soon as it hit my ear canals. The retro-inspired beats are perfect for dancing, and indeed the specific dance fantastically illustrated in the video by the members of the band looks like so much fun that I’ve been craving a sleepover with friends so that we can stay up all night and learn this dance together. While the song stands on its own two feet just fine, the video is a scrumptious delight of images that hearken to Victorian tea parties and Alice in Wonderland, among other things. There’s something quite powerful about an unabashedly “girly” video filled with the traditional trappings of femininity: long talks on the phone, colourful candy, dainty teacups, and of course that prevalent pastel pink coating everything in sight. There’s no apologies for indulging in all things sweet and dainty in this video, and that’s why I love it so very much.

I searched for even more Perfume songs to whet my appetite and found other gems such as “Kasuka na Kaori” and the awesome “Chocolate Disco.” Unfortunately their music is difficult to come by in the States, despite their ever-growing popularity, but if new fans continue to discover their delightfully fresh music and create a demand, it should be only a matter of time before American Perfume fans gain access to their albums and enjoy the sweet smell (and sounds) of success.


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