My Return To Never Never Land

It’s been kind of a funny day. Ever have one of those oddly timeless days where you seem to be in a bubble, neither moving forward nor backward, just kind of floating merrily along? I have so much to do today, and slowly I’m getting things done, but I’m also very zen about everything, which is not like me at all (though I wish that were the case). At any rate, of course my trusty iTunes is shuffling up random songs here and there, when all of a sudden “Alice” by Pogo begins playing.

It was one of those inexplicably perfect moments in time where music and melody carried my zen mood even further along, elevating it to a new level of bliss. You may recall me writing about Pogo earlier in this blog’s life. I’m still completely over the moon for this guy’s work. He has this amazing way of taking sounds from the films that shaped my views and memories, indeed often my morals and dreams, and making them into incredibly soulful and lovely works of audible art. I usually listen to “Upular” whenever I need a punch of energy or joy, so “Alice” coming on randomly today wasn’t exactly like rediscovering an old favourite. It just felt like slipping on that perfectly comfortable sweater that has been just out of view in your closet, the one that you didn’t even realize you were missing until it’s snuggling warmly around your body.

So I went on good ol’ YouTube to rewatch the video, and that’s when I discovered one of his newest gems, “Bloom.”

Say what you will about Disney, but a whole heaping lot of us grew up on those films, myself included. Watching even the tiny snippets of the films in this video almost brought me to tears. It makes me feel tender and hopeful like I did as a child, and that’s something that I don’t get to feel that often in every day adult life (even if you’re a particularly magical individual like yours truly here). I really don’t know how Pogo does it, but his music touches me in a way that few modern-day artists can. Maybe one of these days I’ll try my hand at crafting ye olde fan letter to tell him as much. Regardless of whether that happens or not, I’m very grateful for his musical brand of nostalgia. It’s important to have things that can take you out of your daily grind mentality and put you in a headspace that’s a lot more clear, simple, emotional, and beautiful. I hope that you have something like Pogo in your musical library, dear little earbuds, to remind you of all the good things in life.


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