Just Gather ‘Round And I’ll Elucidate On What Goes On Outside When It Gets Late

Tomorrow is September 1st, or as I call it, the most wonderful time of the year. September equals autumn, and autumn equals one big countdown to Halloween. When I was younger I could barely wait for Halloween costumes and jack-o-lanterns and of course all of that (in the words of Garfield) candy candy candy! But now that I’m older I find that time moves faster, much too fast in some cases to enjoy things such as the changing of the seasons. That’s why September almost edges out October as my favourite month of the year: that’s when I begin to truly savor the delicious anticipation for all things autumn. It all begins with the changing leaves and the cooler weather, then in October comes my birthday, and finally the pinnacle arrives, Halloween.

Of course I feel that Halloween decor and movies are appropriate at any time of the year, but it’s particularly thrilling in the season of ghosts (as I call autumn: the ghosts of dying nature, and the literal ghosts floating by at the gates of Halloween). One of my all-time autumn favs is Sleepy Hollow. I like the book, and I love the Tim Burton film version, but Disney’s original will always be the epitome of everything spooky and wonderful about this season. And the best part of the cartoon, the very best part, is Brom Bones’s song of warning to Ichabod Crane, “The Headless Horseman.”

Bing Crosby’s warm vocals add some degree of comfort, but then Brom’s story unfolds to the point that when he jabs his finger out that window I always want to dive under the covers of the nearest blanket. I love it, but I’m always so glad that I live in the age of automobiles whenever I watch Disney’s Sleepy Hollow. No frightening horseback rides through haunted woods for me! Tomorrow it all begins, all of the spookiness and mystique of what is, in my opinion, the best season of the year. Time to start thinking about costumes and pumpkins, but whatever you do, don’t lose your head!


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