Visual Kei For Vampires: Put Some BUCK-TICK In Your Brain

You know about visual kei, right? It’s just one more example of why Japan is cooler than anywhere else on the planet. I always admired the fashion of visual kei, but never found my way to the music. Then I watched Trinity Blood, and there at the opening was my key to a whole new world of fandom: BUCK-TICK. I liked them from the first time that I heard them, getting drawn in especially by the melodious vocals. The name of the band references the Japanese word for “firecracker,” which I find very appropriate. Sure, they’re one of the biggest bands in Japan, but as I am not Japanese, I discovered them a scant two weeks ago. Yet from that point in time through the present, I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THEM. Their music is exciting and extravagant, dark and sexy, and the only thing better than listening to them is watching them perform. Today I give you three videos from my new number one band-crush, but I dare say there will be more posted in the future. How can I stop at just three when the videos (and music) are this good?

3.) Dokudanjou Beauty

This video is pretty much the perfect amalgamation of everything I love: punk, goth, renaissance, roses, swords, dangerous jewelry, boys in black with awesome hair, you name it. All they need is a cat walking through the background and I’m in heaven. The music is powerful but still bouncy, definitely worthy of fist-pumping at top volume with the windows down in your car. And how badass is that wishbone-esque guitar? One listen and you’ll be hooked, I guarantee.

2.) Romance

Preeeetttttttttty. *Drool* If you don’t believe in vampires, you will after watching lead singer Atsushi Sakurai in this video. This time BUCK-TICK amps up the gothic quotient to fantastic proportions (which is especially delicious for us darklings in the audience). Even without understanding the lyrics, the deep sensuality is quite palpable in the slow, seductive rhythm of this song. I could go on, but I believe that YouTube commenter Vinerilla sums it up best:

Ok. Five years ago, I heard this man’s voice for the first time. My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was the most sensual voice I had ever heard in my life, smooth as liquor, like liquid velvet, dripping with raw emotion. I went to Youtube. I looked him up. And I found THIS. The most beautiful man in the world, to match the most beautiful voice in the world. How is that even FAIR? x____x 

1.) Kuchizuke

This was the first BUCK-TICK video that I ever saw, hence it will always hold a special place in my heart. This video showed me that there was more to love than just “Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix).” Oh so much more. I would like to state here and now that I understand that bands are composed of more than just a lead singer, and this entire band is marvelous. But I have to take a fangirlish moment to say that the part with Atsushi and the apple is so sexy that I think I might expire on the spot every time I watch it. I’ve seen him when he was younger, and he only gets better with time! That man has the Johnny Depp cheekbones to carry him into an elegantly sexy old age. However, even though this blog entry is about visual kei, it all comes back to the music. And this song is incredible. The pounding drums, the crunchy guitars, the gorgeous vocals (which is what first drew me to BUCK-TICK) and even the twinkling chimes combine to make this audible gold. The dark fairy tale of a video is really just icing on the cake (but it’s that super luscious icing that you could eat even without cake).

Just as Black Butler and Vampire Knight provided a gateway into anime for me, BUCK-TICK is opening up an entire universe of visual kei for me to feast upon. I feel almost giddy at this discovery, and I can’t wait to find even more visual kei bands to absorb into my ever-expanding fandom. Now, to watch more BUCK-TICK videos. *Swoon!*


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