My Love Is A (Billy) Ocean

Hey, you, get into my car!

Remember when singing and dancing with cartoon characters was not a career death knell but instead the height of technology and entertainment? How about when gold lamé and oversized white trench coats were in fashion? Sometimes I catch these old videos and I have to sit back and marvel. What were we thinking in the Eighties? It’s so dayglo and garish, and yet so completely awesome at the same time. This particular ditty always seemed to play on the radio whenever my sisters and I were swimming in our backyard pool. My mom would blast the radio and catch some rays while my sisters and I danced in the water and created new diving board jumps and had the grandest time. To this day, most of Billy Ocean’s hit singles, and many other songs of the era as well, are what my sisters and I call “Pool Songs.”

For some reason “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” popped into my head yesterday and simply would not leave me be. Thanks to the magic of YouTube I’m currently grooving to “Caribbean Queen” and feeling an overwhelming urge to grab a bathing suit and do a cannonball. Or a watermelon, which my uncle David was always the best at. Whoever splashes the most water out of the pool wins!


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