By The Beautiful Sea: Songs For The Beach

The time is fast approaching for trips to the beach (including my own, yay!). There are many songs about vacation, but going to the beach is special and deserves its own Top 3. While other vacations are well and good, they can be stressful, too. So many museums and places of historic interest to see, so much bother in figuring out how to get there, and then there’s the question of where to eat and how to say “I’m a vegetarian” in another language (Ich bin Vegetarier, Malai maasu nakhanne, Gogi han mogoyo, Ani tsimchonit, Mimi sili nyama…*).

However, none of that matters on a beach trip. You’re there to see the beach, and it’s not going anywhere. You can wake up when you want and wander down to the waves, and when you’re hungry, nine times out of ten there’s somewhere nearby serving fresh seafood (and other stuff, too, of course). The whole point of a beach vacation is relaxation, or surfing, or meditation on the waves, or dolphin watching tours, or what have you. It’s all there for you at the beach. So these are my personal Top 3 songs that make me long for the sea.

3.) Charles Trénet – La Mer

No offense to Bobby Darrin, but the original French version of this song is the best, in my opinion. Charles Trénet has one of the most incredible voices of all time. Whenever I listen to this song I feel as though I’m gently drifting in cool water, staring up at a blue sky. It’s everything serene and lovely about a visit to the seashore. Note to self: Take time to float in the ocean, but only when there are other people around to warn me of impending sharks.

2.) Queen – Seaside Rendezvous

This song is so joyful and fun, it’s just screaming for a movie beach montage. Kind of like the one in the video above! It’s all old-timey and sweet and peppy and super awesome. You can always count on Queen for a quirky song about random topics, and this is one of the best. How can you not want to dance around and/or build sand castles when you hear this? Note to self: eat ice cream every day while at the beach.

1.) By The Sea – Sweeney Todd

A friend once asked me why everyone was going crazy over Tim Burton’s movie version of Sweeney Todd. I figure it’s because everyone loves gothic stuff, and everyone loves Johnny Depp. The scene in which this song is used in the film is all of that, but at the sea! I don’t know that anything gets better than this. Helena Bonham Carter’s lovely voice conveys her delightful dream to us, and the sweeping instruments add without being overpowering in a typical “Broadway musical” way. I can’t even think about going to the beach without this song popping into my head, which makes it my number one. Note to self: memorize those couple of verses I tend to use filler words for, and sing this at some point while at the beach. Preferably when one or both sisters are around, as well as lots of other people, utilizing maximum embarrassment potential.

And that’s that. I hope that you get to enjoy the beach at some point this year, little earbuds, or at the very least that these songs help put you in a seaside state of mind.

*That’s German, Nepali, Korean, Hebrew, and Swahili for “I’m a vegetarian.”


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