Karen O and Trent Reznor: Hammer of the Gods

Today I’m taking a wee break from the Music for Otakus series, little earbuds, because I found a new song that I simply must share with you. Summer movies are in full blossom, and with summer movies come the trailers for winter movies. Now I’ll admit that I’ve heard of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (how can you not, it’s been bloody everywhere!) but I’ve not been that fussed about it. I’ve not bothered to pick up the book, and I wasn’t particularly waiting with bated breath for the grand Hollywood version of the story on the silver screen. But then I saw this trailer in front of X-Men: First Class (which was completely brilliant, by the by) and now, everything has changed:

Yes, that was a cover of Led Zeppelin’s phenomenal “Immigrant Song.” And it was covered by none other than the fantastic Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame) and the Oscar-winning Big Man with a Gun himself, Trent Reznor. Whoever came up with that little pairing is an absolute genius. The song is dark and pounding and builds with so much intensity that you get goosebumps by the end of the trailer (I do every time I hear or watch it, literally). Unfortunately the cover isn’t available yet for download (they’re probably doing what they did with Fever Ray’s song from the Red Riding Hood trailer and waiting until closer to the film’s release). Until then we can just play this video over and over again (as I’m doing right now!) and bide our time in anticipation of the awesomeness to come. And furthermore, I just want to add that whoever put that trailer together was spot-on. I’m sold on the song, the film, the whole package. Roll on December!


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