May Is Here, Time For Pie

Hello again, little earbuds. I have a confession today: I stayed up all night editing and re-editing my latest anime entry, and I gave all I had to give to bloggity-blog-blogging to Otaku Haiku. And I don’t have anything left to give, at least as far as today is concerned. So my advice is to head over there and check it out. Yes, even if you don’t care about anime! It’s got tons of preeeeeetty pictures of cutie-patootie animated boys, and who wouldn’t love that? However, if you still need something to listen to (this is a music blog, after all, and I can’t turn any ear in need away) try this on for size:

This vid is one of my favourite Ouran High School Host Club fan-made AMVs (that’s anime music video; don’t worry, I had to look it up the first time, too). The song isn’t particularly original (“Wherever You Are [I Feel Love]” by Laava) and the lyrics are fairly predictable for an early-2000s dance/trance number. But something about hearing it while watching scenes of some of my favourite characters from one of my favourite anime shows kind of melted my heart the first day that I found it. Plus the music pairs so nicely with the images. So today I share it with you. I hope that you enjoy my little slice of otaku pie! And who knows, you might find a flavor that you like in there.


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