The Sky Is Still Blue, The Clouds Come And Go, Yet Something Is Different

Thanks to the power of Netflix, I’m not only able to keep up with a steady stream of anime as well as recent films that I missed at the cinema, I’m also finally able to check out the television shows that I’ve always heard about but never watched. My show of the moment is that slice of cherry pie from the 90s known as Twin Peaks. Though I was just a shade too young for this series when it originally aired, my older sister watched it faithfully, and I have very distinct memories of clearing out of the living room at night as the opening theme played. My sister, who is never afraid of anything (she even stayed in her room alone one night after a very scary experience with a Ouija board) would tell me whispered stories of “Bob” and relate that even she was freaked out by the show. (Keep in mind that she was also twelve years old at the time.) And so, in honor of her bravery, today’s video is the theme song from Twin Peaks, “Falling” by Julee Cruise.

It’s interesting how this show, and this song, make me long for the early 90s. I had completely forgotten what the Twin Peaks theme sounded like, but as soon as I heard the slow, deep opening notes, I was in the living room of the house where I grew up, running my fingers through the tortoiseshell shag carpet, hiding behind my dad’s big brown recliner, peering through the wooden railing that separated the kitchen from the hallway and den. Funny how something that just hovered on the edge of your periphery at the time can bring back such strong and tangible memories. As for the show itself, I’m not far in, but I can see why it was such a cult success. Though it’s probably for the best that I didn’t watch it when I was younger, as the adult me got freaked out by just the second episode. I’m very intrigued to find out how this twisted tale unravels, so if you know, keep it to yourself!


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