Gather The Stars And Build A Castle Of Sand

Another day, another late night (or at the very least late evening) post. I have been so caught up in visits with family and watching anime that I had all but forgotten about today’s update. Of course, the fact that today felt like a Saturday didn’t help. I just finished watching Ouran High School Host Club with my sisters (second viewing for my younger sister and myself, first viewing for the elder sister). We all loved it, of course. And now we’re getting ready to catch older sister up on Vampire Knight.

In discussing things with the siblings, I’m thinking that I’ll change the schedule for this blog and only update it once a week while keeping Otaku Haiku updates at twice a week. I just get more and more obsessed with anime and manga, which in turn means that I look forward to updating Otaku Haiku more than Hot Pink Headphones. Plus part of this whole blogging experiment is supposed to be about inspiring me to write more of my novel by forcing me to write five days out of a week. But what actually happens is that I spend all my time blogging and not working on the book. And that’s just no good. So fear not, little earbuds! I’ll still be tromping about the interwebz, finding new bands or classic video nuggets to share. And hopefully I’ll spend the rest of my time on that delightful book. Seriously, you should hang onto your seats, it’s gonna be a doozy.

With that I give you some Friday night neoclassical J-rock. I fell in love with Kanon Wakeshima before I found Vampire Knight, but the fact that this amazing song, “Suna No Oshiro,” is used in the credits to Vampire Knight Guilty just makes it that much more delicious. Enjoy this delightful Gothic Lolita treat!


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