Asobi Seksu Or Spaghetti? I Choose… Spaghetti.

Oh goodness, little earbuds, that drag show was amazing! I took lots of video, but with a so-so camera (bless it) and I have yet to start going through it all. But rest assured, should any prove to be decent and non-static sounding, I shall post post-haste! (See what I did there?) In other news, despite an excellent mini-break with my most excellent younger sister, today I am tired and sore and just a wee bit cranky. Between having to break up cat fights (and I don’t mean the derogatory slang term for a fight among women, I mean literal cat fights among my furry darlings) and surfing the crimson wave, not to mention yet another looming tornado warning in the area, I am missing a concert that I would otherwise be all over like white on rice: Asobi Seksu. Pour some of this loveliness in your eardrums, dear reader:

You may or may not have heard that song used at the end of a particularly touching episode of Ugly Betty. I actually discovered Asobi Seksu (whose name in Japanese roughly translates to “playful sex”) yet again through my beloved Logo. Out of the blue I was jolted off the couch by not only the swaying, smooth beats of their song entitled “Me & Mary,” I also could not look away from the stark visuals of the video itself. It looked old but sounded new and dreamy; the performers kept changing outfits, trees and arrows and Dr. Caligari-esque lamp posts were being drawn over the background, and feathers were floating everywhere, all in a bold palette of mostly black and white. The entire thing drew me in and led me to the gorgeously phenomenal album Hush. Take a gander at the video that began this particular Artist Love for me, if you will:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hush has been on constant rotation on my stereo since I purchased it a few years back. However, after checking out Asobi Seksu’s most recent album, Fluorescence, I was disappointed. What I heard sounded decisively less shoegaze and more like traditional alt rock. Less dream, more pop, if you will. While there’s nothing wrong with a beloved artist branching out, and their new album would still catch the ear amongst any given smattering of standard radio fare, I just couldn’t get into it. And we all know that unless it’s a greatest hits tour, if there’s a new album out it will usually comprise a good deal of any given artist’s show. So despite the low, low ticket price of $8 and my love for their former work, tonight I’ll stay in and make spaghetti instead of venturing out into the current gale storm to see Asobi Seksu perform an hour away. But I wish them well in their current tour, and should they return under the banner of a new album that I fancy more, I’ll be there in a shoegaze minute (which is more like an hour in actual time).



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