One Hell Of A Friday (Fit For Belly Dancing)

Yesterday was an odd day for me, dear reader. It was St. Paddy’s Day, which I’m a fan of, and there was nothing particularly wrong that I could put my finger on. But for some reason I just could not shake the melancholy gloom hanging over my head. Yet after midnight everything changed completely. I discovered that Netflix, in their infinite wisdom, has shifted around the videos available to download via Wii, and my much-beloved Black Butler Season One Part Two is now streaming through my television!!! I was so excited that I literally screamed for joy, as I have been dying to see what happens to Ciel and my darling Sebastian.

Then to top it off, today is warm and windy and gorgeous, the first true breath of spring I’ve felt this year. And further more, I’m making vegetarian tacos for dinner, which is all kinds of yum. So with excellent things to watch, a warm spring day to enjoy, and tacos to eat, well, there’s just too much good happening to focus on a “proper” blog entry today! In order that I might send a bit of my joy electronically to you, dear reader, I’m sharing two of my favourite tracks from the Black Butler soundtrack, “As You Wish” and “The Right Hand Of God.” Both are Indian-influenced and wonderful for dancing (or even belly dancing!) to on a warm and windy day. I wish you a good weekend, and may you also feel this joy that I currently have in my heart.


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