New Album Love: Get Some “Wounded Rhymes”

Hey music fans. Remember that new album review I’ve been promising for a week? Here is the place, now is the hour. Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li has a second album that has been in stores (and online) for two weeks and a day, so chances are if you’re already a fan you’ve got this gem in your collection. If not, oh my dear reader, you are in for a treat.

I still remember when I purchased Lykke Li’s first album, Youth Novels. Downloading entire albums was still relatively new to me, as I always preferred the feel of the CD in my hand: I enjoy flipping through the album’s booklet eagerly while listening to each track, unsure of what is to come. I still prefer purchasing a physical album to add another notch to my music library, but seeing as how cheaper costs allow me to download twice as many albums as physically buying them, well, it’s really a no-brainer for a music devotee. A-hem. I digress.

It was late at night, and I just happened upon Lykke’s debut album via random searches, as magically happens every so often. I was struck by the purity of her voice, and the simple but lovely rhythms that balanced it out. To me she sounded like a wintry Alice in Wonderland, not lost but coolly exploring her surroundings. It sounded like music made by a young girl for other young girls, and even though I have not considered myself “young” for some time, I found myself thoroughly enjoying her exploration of what it’s like to be a young lady setting out in the world. Even with the youthful overtones of the album, there was an unabashed feeling that this gal is 100% sure of herself, of who she is and what she’s here to do.

After that came her stunning and heartbreaking contribution to the New Moon soundtrack, which is aching and emotionally raw. Despite being listed among some very popular musical heavy-hitters, Lykke held her own on what is arguably the most memorable song on the entire soundtrack.

And now we finally get her gorgeous second full-length album: Wounded Rhymes. This album starts out with the banging of drums, followed swiftly by a playful electronic swooping reminiscent of doo-wop. The overall effect produces a sexy noisy fuzziness not unlike Jesus and Mary Chain or The Raveonettes along with instruments not unheard of on a Rusted Root album. The first song alone proves that Lykke has grown up quite a bit since her softly innocent debut; Alice has been through the looking-glass and back, and she has some new tricks to show off. This entire album is more primitive and powerful than the one before. These are no longer the songs of a young girl, but those of a woman embracing her power, sexuality, and maturity deliciously. Check out the fantastic video for her single “Get Some” below, with a chorus so catchy you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing it. Be warned, though: this song, and this singer, take no prisoners.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For the record, I did indeed purchase the physical CD of this album. And it was worth every penny.



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