Steampunk Funeral, Friday Poll

I was watching PopLab on Logo last week, which is the best channel on TV to find new music, in my humble opinion. (Not that any of you ‘net surfers need something as 2001 as television, but Miss Pink likes to be old-fashioned now and then by settling down in front of the tube and finding a surprise or two.) I was thoroughly digging new vids by Kylie and Ke$ha when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Panic! At The Disco music video set at a steampunk funeral. “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” is a gorgeous murder mystery complete with goggles, guns, and golden gears, as seen below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Young Brendon Urie certainly likes top hats, doesn’t he? But he can pull them off with his roguish Jonathan Rhys Meyers charm, so why not? However, the song itself is… okay. It’s a little bland for my personal taste. It almost gets there with the opening music box chimes and sorty-kinda catchy chorus, but the payoff never quite lives up to my expectations. If it was playing on my car’s radio I might pause to listen, but I’d probably keep searching for an eighties station. I’ve been suckered in by Panic! At The Disco once before with their carnival wedding video for “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” I liked the video so much that I began to believe that I actually liked the song, too. But once I had the single alone on my headphones, I became uninterested and skipped it nearly every time it came up on shuffle. However, My Chemical Romance’s lovely ballet funeral video for “Helena” made me go back and listen again, and after a few more viewings I really came to love the song. What about you, dear reader? Can a great video win you over and make you a fan of the song on its own?



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2 responses to “Steampunk Funeral, Friday Poll

  1. lane the bane

    i never cared for panic! at the disco. they sound like fall out boy and the lead singer tries so hard to be gerard way, falling short. and although gerard took a while to find his way into my heart and my itunes, he stays there for a reason. his insanity is genuine because he backs it up with amazing imagery in his lyrics. plus, the boy’s been through some shit that would make anyone else break down. so when i see another wide-eyed dramatic crazy person frontman of today’s music (leaving out the kings of crazy like ozzy, manson, etc–they are in leagues of their own), i turn the channel because gerard has it down to a science and anyone else is a poor imitation.

  2. You know, that makes a lot of sense. Brendon Urie certainly does an admirable job of rolling his wide eyes and over-pronouncing every word for the camera. And that’s fine, it works for him, he’s young and handsome so he can get away with it. But there’s a certain passion in the music that’s missing for me. Just a personal opinion, of course. It comes close, but no cigar.

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